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About Paragon Health Foods

Paragon Health Foods has been practicing Natural Medicine and a Multi-Disciplinary approach to health for several years. The clinics offer Integrative Medicine techniques using live blood analysis and the best quality natural medicine to provide a unique approach to treating underlying causes and preventing illnesses. 

Paragon Health Foods offers patients the convenience of being assessed and treated then obtaining the natural medicine they need in a store at the front of the clinic.

Natural Medicine

Is a holistic approach considering an individuals genetic makeup, body type and organ functionality to prevent and treat illness.  For centuries doctors of natural and integrative medicine have studied and used non-toxic herbs from around the world because of their medicinal properties and minimal side effects. Teaching the knowledge of the healing power of nature gives one the principles of healthy living and allows the individual to take active control of their health.


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An active way of striving to be in balance of mind and good physical condition for a healthy life.  Through a positive lifestyle, healthy eating, regular exercise, spiritual awareness and social balance one takes responsibility for their health.


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Stay tuned, information about our wellness products is coming soon!


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