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Ajwon Oil

Paragon Alternative’s essential oils are selected and approved by  Sajid Ali, D.N.M. They are the purest and best essential oils available.


Ajwon Oil Origin and Extraction

Ajwon oil is derived from the ajwon plant, a member of the parsley family. Ajwon, sometimes known as bishop’s weed, most commonly grows in India, Egypt, Iran and Afghanistan.  The oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers through the steam distillation process.

Ajwon Oil Indications/Uses  

In addition to offering anti-bacterial, antifungal, germicide and anaesthetic properties, ajwon oil supports digestion and stimulates both appetite and circulation. Other medicinal uses include the treatment of acidity, migraine and cold, as well as a remedy for ear ache and various types of infections.  It is also used as a sleep aid and as a relaxant. This oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and anti-oxidants.

Ajwon oils may be used in pregnancy to stimulate appetite and to support the health of the uterus.

This oil may also decrease a craving for alcoholic beverages. 

Ajwon Oil Contra Indications

Ajwon oil is not advisable as a component of a weight loss regime. This oil stimulates bowel movements, leading to short term weight loss, but it also stimulates the appetite, making it unsuitable for weight management. Over-consumption can lead to adverse effects in some individuals.

Essential Oils are natural, contracted oils that have the fragrance of the plant from which they originated. Most typically, the oils are extracted from the plant through distillation. In many cases, the distillation process involves the use of steam.  As steam passes through the plant’s stems, seeds, flowers or leaves, it assists in vaporizing the volatile compounds.

While essential oils have various uses, they have a long documented history of medicinal value. Essential Oils can support overall health, act as a treatment or remedy for various medical or psychological conditions or help prevent infections and illness.

Essential Oils should not be used on animals as they can have adverse effects.

Our Philosophy of Health and Well-Being

Our philosophy and approach is to facilitate health by balancing and restoring the body’s systems to optimal well-being. Hence, rather than treating symptoms or diseases, we aim to reduce and remove blockages to overall health.




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