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Lemongrass Oil

Paragon Alternative’s essential oils are selected and approved by  Sajid Ali, D.N.M. They are the purest and best essential oils available.


Lemongrass Oil Origin and Extraction

Lemongrass Essential Oil is obtained from the dried leaves of the lemongrass plant using the process of steam distillation.  Lemongrass smells much like lemons but is milder and sweeter.  A perennial plant and a member of the Poaceae grass family, lemongrass grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions. 

Lemongrass Essential Oil Indications/Uses  

Lemongrass Essential Oil is rich in health supporting properties. It is excellent as an all-round tonic.

Lemongrass Oil is analgesic, meaning it can reduce inflammation and related pain, which helps to prevent various chronic illnesses.

As an antimicrobial, antibacterial and fungicide oil, it inhibits the internal or external growth of fungi, microbes and bacteria. Thus, it is effective at helping to prevent or fight infections.

Because of its antiseptic properties, Lemongrass Oil aids healing of internal and external wounds, preventing sepsis from forming.

Lemongrass Oil is both anti-pyretic and a febrifuge, meaning it is effective at bringing down very high fevers as well as addressing lower grade fevers.

Since Lemongrass Oil is an astringent, it constricts blood vessels. This makes it effective at stopping blood loss from a wound, as well as being useful to prevent loosening of teeth and hair loss.

A carminative, lemongrass helps prevent excessive intestinal gas from forming and encourages existing gas to move downwards rather than up through the windpipe.

Lemongrass Oil is a natural diuretic, encouraging urination and the resultant elimination of toxins from the body.

As a galactogogue, Lemongrass Oil helps promote the formation of milk in lactating women and improves the quality of the milk.

Thanks to its nervine and sedative properties, this oil helps alleviate depression, nervousness, stress and anxiety.


Lemongrass Oil Contra Indications

Lemongrass Essential oil is powerful and can irritate the skin.  Dilute well and test before using. Avoid getting this substance in the eyes.

Persons with diabetes, kidney disease or liver disease are advised to use lemongrass oil only under the guidance of a qualified medical professional.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to avoid using Lemongrass Oil unless under the supervision of a medical professional.

Essential Oils are natural, contracted oils that have the fragrance of the plant from which they originated. Most typically, the oils are extracted from the plant through distillation. In many cases, the distillation process involves the use of steam.  As steam passes through the plant’s stems, seeds, flowers or leaves, it assists in vaporizing the volatile compounds.

While essential oils have various uses, they have a long documented history of medicinal value. Essential Oils can support overall health, act as a treatment or remedy for various medical or psychological conditions or help prevent infections and illness.

Essential Oils should not be used on animals as they can have adverse effects.

Our Philosophy of Health and Well-Being

Our philosophy and approach is to facilitate health by balancing and restoring the body’s systems to optimal well-being. Hence, rather than treating symptoms or diseases, we aim to reduce and remove blockages to overall health.



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